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A Business Cash Advance is a financial instrument known as a factoring product. Factoring a merchant’s future credit card sales allows us to give a merchant cash in exchange for purchasing a small percentage of the merchants future Master Card and Visa sales for a pre-determine fee. Our product is often also known as credit card factoring, merchant cash advance, merchant account factoring or account receivables factoring.
How long will I have to wait to find out if my account has been approved for a cash advance?
Pre-approval is instant if you meet the following requirements:
  1. You are a retail / restaurant or service industry business
  2. You have been in business for at least 1 year
  3. You accept at least $5000 in Master Card and Visa sales
  4. You have at least 1 year left on your business lease
  5. You have no open bankruptcies or judgments
How do you determine the size of the cash advance I can qualify for?
(Each instance of an application is unique. Most approvals have the following items considered in order to receive final approval)

Businesses can qualify for $5,000 to $500,000. More for larger volume businesses is available if you qualify.
What will you have to send to us to review (Underwriting documents)
Merchant Processing Statements:

We review the three(3) most recent merchant processing statements to determine the average credit card volume of the most recent 3 month period.

Bank Statements:

We review your last three months bank statements in order to determine the stability and consistency of your overall business revenue and your ability to pay back the business cash account.

We encourage submission of any documentation (bank statements, sales tax receipts) that supports total sales volume.

Business lease:

In order to qualify for a lease we need to know if you have at least one year on your existing business lease. We want to know that you are committed to your business and that you are in good standing with regard to your lease payments.

Copy of voided check: We need to know where we are depositing the funds that will be available to you typically within 48 Hours of approval.

Signed copy of our Business Cash Advance application:

This document gives us permission to pull your business and personal credit. We are checking trade lines and personal credit to determine whether or not you are current with your debtors. Note: Challenged credit will not automatically disqualify your application. We look at your overall financial picture.

Signed copy of Merchant Processing Application:

We will match the rates of your existing merchant processor. We must create a merchant Identification number in our system in order to download your credit card terminal or point of sales system.

We will provide multiple funding options for you to choose from.
How do I repay the cash advance?
Through an automated process we will collect a small percentage of each credit card transaction after you batch out your credit card sales.
Can I receive the same rates as my existing credit card processing account?
Yes, we will match your current merchant processing rates when switching your merchant processing account.
What Kind Of Fees Are There?
The fee can range from 1.25 to 1.45 and is based upon: underwriting guidelines, length of time in business, length of lease, monthly credit card volume, average monthly sales volume and past business history.
What are the Benefits of taking a business cash advance?
  • Easy underwriting requirements

  • We are motivated to give you the money you need

  • Funding can occur in as little 48 business hours of approval

  • Extremely easy payback terms and conditions

  • It’s your money, no restrictions on usage

  • You have working capital

  • Improves cash flow

  • Builds business credit

  • Pay off debt

  • You can use the money to renovate or increase inventory

  • Increases open to buy for retailers

  • No need to markdown inventory to raise cash for new inventory

  • May receive additional funding for other purposes upon request

  • No set/fixed repayment term

  • And so many more benefits
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