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Wireless Processing Allows You to Do Business Whenever and Wherever You need to!

Genie Cash, A financial services business for merchants will purchase your future credit card receivables to give you the immediate cash advance for your business needs right away! A small percentage of your daily credit card transactions will pay off the cash advance as you conduct your sales. It is an excellent funding solution for restaurants, retailers and service industry merchants.

Genie Cash is now offering those merchants who do business on the road wireless credit card processing capabilities. We make it possible for our customers to process credit cards using wireless credit card terminals. Now you can use state of the art mobile credit card processing equipment. Your terminal will work on the standard wireless frequency known as GPRS, which is the same frequency that your cell phone works on. Now you won't have to worry about not being to take a transaction when you are ready. Your wireless mobile credit card terminal will work every where your cell phone works. If you are new and just starting out you know how important every sale is. If you are a seasoned merchant and want to increase your reach to your base of existing customer and help yourself capture new customers wireless credit card processing could help.

In fact, you can charge your terminal and be on the go just like you do with your cell phone.

Additional benefits

  • Save lot's of money - It costs less to take a swiped credit card transaction
  • Save On Loss income - When you make a sale, and don't get a credit card transaction approval you run the risk of losing your product or service and the money you would have made.
  • Safer than carrying money
  • Peace of mind. No more worrying about should you take a check from some one you don't know in order to make a sale.
  • Take all forms of payment

Genie Cash provides a variety of wireless credit card processing solutions that are specifically designed to allow you to accept credit card transactions anywhere without having to depend on the availability of accessing a phone line or Internet connection.

We aim to provide a customized solution for your wireless credit card processing needs. Our implementation of easy-to-use cell phone based credit card machines helps you to take advantage of the freedom that wireless merchant account services can provide.

Is wireless credit card processing solution right for your business? If yes, then Genie Cash is the right choice for you. We can provide you with a high quality solution that will enhance your business process. Our merchant account allows you to establish a connection between you customer and the their bank in order for you to make the sell. Along with mobile credit card processing terminal and wireless credit card processing equipment, we also offer telephone credit card processing and mail order credit card processing to cater to your unique needs. Call us toll free at 866 626 2299, and we can help you get set-up within 24 hours!

What's next?

Once you have decided a wireless merchant account can help your business grow, you contact us by simply filing out our quick application form. We will contact you and take the time to explain the different aspects of wireless credit card processing terminal and how it creates a positive impact on your business.

Your mobile merchant account application will be underwritten by our operations department within 24 hours. We can provide you with a credit card terminal that you can either purchase or lease. We will then contact you on how to use your new wireless credit card processing system. After everything is done, you can happily start accepting credit card payments without any hassles!

To get started today Click to apply:Wireless credit card processing equipment or call 866 383 6737.

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