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Retail, Restaurant and Service Industry Business Cash Advance

Genie Cash is here to help you with all your restaurant capital funding and retail cash advance needs. When you need cash immediately, and don't have the time, nor the patience to go through the rigorous and time-consuming process of applying for a bank loan, let us help! We have alternative financing for merchants. Banks more often than not decline small business loans. Financing options for merchants has become increasing important in order to recession proof your business retail merchant cash advances to the service industries and other retail and restaurant small businesses help give when you need money for business growth. We say yes to businesses who are trying to establish themselves and need money to continue growing and for debt consolidation. Traditional financing outlets seem not to care when your business needs a cash boost.

When you have emergency expenses at your retail store or restaurant with our advanced restaurant funding solution and retail cash advance we can give you immediate cash up to $250,000 per location for renovations, equipment purchase, expansion plans, debt consolidation, providing additional services, advertising, marketing or just to have money for working capital or when you think I need money to finance my business.

The good part about Genie Cash is that our business help allows you to leverage the asset you already have, which is, the ability to accept credit card payments for goods and services. With an easy and uncomplicated approval process, this innovative financing option for retail and restaurant merchants takes the worry out of obtaining working capital for your restaurant or retail business, with the worries gone you can focus on your businesses growth.

We get paid, when you get paid. This means that the repayment of the restaurant or retail cash advance is done by holding back a small percentage of the daily credit card sales receipts and the businesses generally do not feel the pinch using our bank card advance. Hence, our alternative financing for merchants is a much more borrower-friendly option for restaurant, retail and service industry small business financing.

Merchants in the restaurant, retail and service industry use our product for the following reasons:

  • We provide 125% of monthly Master and Visa processing volume or $250,000 whichever is greater
  • We have a Short Application process
  • Our Underwriting Requirements are not simple and easy
  • Your money is deposited in your account within 48 hours of approval
  • It's your money, use it as you deem necessary. The money you get does not have to have a dedicated use as a function of approval
  • There is no personal recourse in case of default
  • Non-secured funding solution, No collateral needed
  • Keep the same merchant processing rates (NO INCREASE - No nonsense)
Additional benefits: There are no tricks, no games, no non-sense:
  • There is no fixed time or schedule of repayment, and no fixed interest.
  • As the merchant you pay us back by allowing us to collect a small fixed daily percentage of your credit card revenue until we re-coup the money owed for providing the business cash advance.
  • Because we only collect an agreed upon percentage, whenever your business's daily volume is slow, the daily pay back amount is also less. When the business's volume increases so does the daily pay back amount.
  • We require no personal guarantee from the merchant as part of approval.
  • We do not touch any other part of your cash flow - for payback we are only holding a small percentage of sales revenue from Master Card and Visa credit cards
  • We make it financially possible for your business to grow, and we are always proud to be a part of your success.

or call us at 866 383 6737 for more information on getting set up with in 24hours.
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