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Referral Partner

How Can Genie Cash Help a Referral Source and Referral Partner?
Credit card receivable factoring We want to help you retain customers through offering alternative financing services to clients that could use additional cash flow and an alternative funding source.

We have a very popular alternative funding solution that our referral partners can use to:
  • Help attract additional customers
  • Combat loss of existing customers
  • Provide additional products and services
  • Differentiate your company in your particular market
  • Become a solution oriented sales/service operation
  • Extend your reach by creating profitable networking relationships
  • Become part of the solution that speaks to the needs of those who would become your customer
There are many reasons to select Genie Cash as your referral partner. This business model has succeeded because we creates win-win situation for all parties involved.

The merchant you refer will win because they can easily qualify for much needed cash. You win because you service the merchant’s needs. Servicing the needs of the merchant means your value to the merchant becomes more valuable than just the service you provide. You become a resource(And you will be compensated for your efforts. That’s always a nice by product of service) and we win by assisting you and also extending our customer base and networking ability.

Through partnering with Genie Cash your merchants will enjoy:
  • Added value to your existing product offering.

  • Additional products and services.

  • Having access to non traditional and non-restrictive funds.

  • Financial services that support growth initiatives when the money is actually needed.

  • Easy underwriting approval policies.

  • Up to 500K per location in as little as 48 hours after approval.
Join today and enjoy the benefits of becoming a “Referral Partner” with Genie Cash please contact Lennox Armstrong in our NY office at 866 383 6737 or email him

Significant revenue opportunities are available. Call for more information today

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