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Business Cash Advance

Genie Cash™ is a funding solution for restaurants, retailers and service industry merchants. We provide cash to merchants who accept Visa and MasterCard in their business.

You’re pre-qualified if:
You have been in business at least 6 months
Accept just $2,500 in monthly Visa and MasterCard processing volume
Have at least a year left on the lease where you do your business
Have no open bankruptcies or judgements

We can provide up to $250,000 in as little as 24-48 hours to qualified and approved merchants.

Our Services
Retail and Restaurant Business Cash Advance Genie Cash is here to help you with all your restaurant capital funding and retail cash advance needs. When you need cash immediately, and don't have the time, nor the patience to go through the rigorous and time-consuming process of applying for a bank loan, let us help! We have alternative financing for merchants. Banks more often than not decline small business loans. Financing options for merchants has become increasing important in order to recession proof your business retail merchant cash advances to the service industries and other retail and restaurant small businesses help give when you need money for business growth. We say yes to businesses who are trying to establish themselves and need money to continue growing and for debt consolidation. Traditional financing outlets seem not to care when your business needs a cash boost. Read More...
Retail and Restaurant Business Cash Advance
Mail / Telephone Order Merchant Account Mail order/Telephone order (MOTO) businesses are usually run by business owners, who either work in a non face to face business environment. Many merchants work from home or have a small office set-up. Some Mail Order / Telephone Order business are very large and as a function of what they sell there is no need to interface with customers face to face.

Doing business as a MOTO merchant is a great way to start a business, and gradually grow it from there. Taking credit cards over the Telephone is a huge advantage that helps your business grow by leaps and bounds! Just the amount of money you need running a retail operation can be a huge savings when your non face to face business is booming. All or most orders made by the seller are taken via mail, telephone, or fax. Read More...
Mail / Telephone Order Merchant Account
Wireless / Mobile Merchant Account Genie Cash, A financial services business for merchants will purchase your future credit card receivables to give you the immediate cash advance for your business needs right away! A small percentage of your daily credit card transactions will pay off the cash advance as you conduct your sales. It is an excellent funding solution for restaurants, retailers and service industry merchants.

Genie Cash is now offering those merchants who do business on the road wireless credit card processing capabilities. We make it possible for our customers to process credit cards using wireless credit card terminals. Now you can use state of the art mobile credit card processing equipment. Read More...
Wireless / Mobile Merchant Account
Home Based Business Merchant Account A merchant account designed for the smaller businesses that can be run from home is generally called a home based business merchant account. Traditionally, it can be difficult for small businesses with limited trading history to get a merchant account.

Genie Cash provides simple and easy to use Credit Card Processing Solutions to all home based businesses. We give you a more affordable and easier way to manage your payment transactions either through your computer or through credit card terminals.

Your Home Based Business Merchant Account helps you to explore new avenues and business opportunities when you are working from home. Read More...
Home Based Business Merchant Account
E-Commerce / Internet Merchant Account Is an Internet merchant account the same as a mail order merchant account? No, aside from the fact that this type of transaction falls under the card not present type of transaction, this type of merchant account is unique unto itself.

Internet merchant accounts have the same rates and fees as a mail order account but the equipment used to process credit card transactions is different.

An Internet account utilizes an online payment gateway like Authorize.net or A shopping cart application that is typically built into your website by the person who helped to design and develop your website. Read More...
E-Commerce / Internet Merchant Account
Business Cash Advance, Merchant Cash Advance
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