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Genie Cash Offers Mail Order/ Telephone Order Merchant Accounts

Mail order/Telephone order (MOTO) businesses are usually run by business owners, who either work in a non face to face business environment. Many merchants work from home or have a small office set-up. Some Mail Order / Telephone Order business are very large and as a function of what they sell there is no need to interface with customers face to face.

Doing business as a MOTO merchant is a great way to start a business, and gradually grow it from there. Taking credit cards over the Telephone is a huge advantage that helps your business grow by leaps and bounds! Just the amount of money you need running a retail operation can be a huge savings when your non face to face business is booming. All or most orders made by the seller are taken via mail, telephone, or fax. Since you are taking credit card over the is another savings that can be automatic. You can use your computer to take your credit card transactions. A virtual credit card terminal is a cost effective means of transacting business. A software download into your existing PC terminal will allow you to save on purchasing a traditional credit card terminal and save you lots of money in the process. You will be able to submit transactions via a secure Web browser using our complete and easy to use Virtual Terminal. Don’t get nervous we promise you will be amazed at how easy getting started is.

Some of the additional benefits of using this type of software is that multiple users can utilize the virtual credit card terminal at the same time. This is an efficient way to make sure your people are not waiting to use a traditional credit card terminal and losing or frustrating customers who are ready to purchase right away. Businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to make income, especially at the beginning when “everything” is a new cost. Mail order Telephone Order credit card processing helps you extend your reach to those customers who like your products but can not be where you are when they are ready to purchase.

There are many merchant services companies that do not cater to MOTO businesses, because of the perceived risk factors associated with non face to face businesses such as fraudulent transactions, We understand how you work and also as part of our software we put in additional features to protect you, your customer and our selves from fraud. Because MOTO businesses like all other business are time conscious about the process of applying for a merchant account we make sure not to make it an extremely tedious process that involves a great deal of time, human input and cost of reviewing applications. MOTO merchant accounts are not considered a peripheral product like most credit card providers. At Genie Cash we provide the most effective telephone credit card processing and mail order credit card processing services we extend traditional strengths of personal service and flexibility to the Mail order and Telephone order businesses.

Is a MOTO merchant account solution right for your business? If yes, Genie Cash can provide you with a turnkey solution that will have you accepting credit cards fast. Our merchant account allows you to establish a connection between your bank and major credit card processors. Along with telephone credit card processing and mail order credit card processing, we offer credit card processing software, and credit card processing equipment should you require it. Call us toll free at 866 626 2299, and we can help you get set-up within 24 hours!

Here is how it works: Once you have made up your mind about a MOTO merchant account and you contact us regarding the same, we walk you through filling out a simple application form. We will take the time to explain the different aspects of virtual terminal credit card processing and how it positively impacts your business. Once you have reviewed and signed your copy of the agreement drawn by us, you can fax the same merchant application to 866 626 2299 with a copy of your business license and a copy of your voided check for your bank account.

It will take no longer than 24 hours for your MOTO merchant account application to be underwritten by our operations department. According to your requirement and as mentioned in your application, you will be provided with a credit card terminal and a payment gateway. We will then contact you on how to use your new telephone credit card processing system. Once you're all set, when your customer asks you can you take a credit card, smile with confidence and say Absolutely! we take credit cards.
Click to apply:Mail Order/ Telephone Order Merchant Accounts or call us at 866 383 6737 for more information on getting set up with in 24hours.
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