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How it Works
What is a Business Cash Advance?
How a Business Cash Advance works?
How it works for your business?
What are the differences between traditional bank loans and a Merchant Cash Advance?
What is a Business Cash Advance?
A business cash advance is an alternative funding solution for retail, restaurant or service industry businesses that can not or prefer not to go to traditional lending institutions like banks. Merchants who accept Master Card and Visa credit cards in their business can literally get money to use however they like by using a small portion of projected sales from future Master Card and Visa sales as collateral.
Business Cash Advance This iscredit card factoringplain and simple. In order to determine how much you money you will qualify for we use simple underwriting guidelines. We can advance you up to 125% of what you process in Master Card and Visa sales transactions or $250,000 whichever is greater in as little as 48 hours after approval. Approximately 95% of all applicants are approved.
How a Business Cash Advance works?
We have designed an easy to follow diagram for you to review after you have read this section on how a business cash advance works. To make sure you really understand this let’s take it in baby steps.

You have a business (retail, restaurant, service industry) and you take Master Card and Visa in your business. Please note that we are going to advance you the business cash advance using only Master Card and Visa sales volume as an indicator of how much you will qualify for. One of the great things that merchants generally love about this alternate funding option is that we do not touch any other part of your revenue. We have planned out our program to make sure we do not negatively impact your cash flow.

Unlike Small businesses loans from banks we are only recouping payment from Master Card and Visa sales. Your cash flow, American Express, Discover, Checks are all off limits as recoupable sources of repayment. If you like that then you will love the next bit of information about the business cash advance. Should your volume of Master Card and Visa sales transaction slow down then so will your repayment. By the way there is absolutely no penalty to you. Again, unlike a bank loan our program takes into consideration that business sometimes slows down for unexpected reasons. Now, in the spirit of fair play if your business picks up via Master Card and Visa sales transactions so will the repayment and we will be paid off a little faster.

The merchant’s Master Card and Visa Sales Revenue will be used to repay the business cash advance. As an example, when the merchant sells $15,000 of future monthly credit card sales and when we provide up to 125% of the merchant’s monthly volume as a cash advance He/She(merchant) will get a small business cash advance of $18,750 (Example $15,000 in Master Card and Visa sales x’s 125% = $18,750).

The total payback amount which is the amount the merchant agrees to pay back for using the business cash advance is paid back to the cash advance company by holding back a small percentage of every sale until the payback amount has been satisfied.

Click here to see diagram of How a business Cash advance works
How it works for your business?

Once you receive the cash advance, your can use the money as you see fit. It is your money. Commonly the money is used for:

» Advertising
» Business Expansion
» Renovations
» Increased inventory
» Purchase of vital business equipment
» Increase on hand working capital
Advantages of cash advance
• May be tax deductible
• Cash Advances are not on reported credit reports.
• No Application fees
• 90% – 95% approval rate
• No collateral required
• Merchant is not personally liable
• A-B credit not required
• Get cash in 48 hours wired directly to your bank account
• No fixed repayment schedule.
• Quick application. Takes 3 minutes!
What are the differences between traditional bank loans and a Merchant Cash Advance?
A typical business loan requires a written loan proposal, business and personal financials and it s time consuming and very restrictive. If approved(stated conservatively over 60 -70% of small business loans may be turned down, it may take weeks or months through traditional bank lenders. The borrower must personally guarantee the loan. Moreover, a strict monthly payment schedule is adhered to regardless of monthly income from your business.

Loans are also very difficult to secure when they are most needed because a borrower is a greater financial risk liability to the lending institution. In addition to other factor bankers focus on past credit history to determine a fixed loan repayment program which is of paramount interest while approving a loan.

A business cash advance also know as a merchant cash advance introduces minimal cost for your business while immediately helping you to increase profits by using our money and keeping most of yours to further invest in your business. The advance is only repaid when you have credit card sales to process. Whereas traditional bank loans require fixed monthly repayments whether your business is prospering or not.

Sales slow down and the bank says pay up! With a business cash advance if your credit card sales slow down so does our re-payment. No muss, no fuss.

Remember, your business is free to use the business cash advance for whatever needed purpose. With a loan, the lender often dictates the purpose for which the company can use the funds, thereby hindering growth potential.

Side by Side Analysis
  Business Cash advance Small business loan
Application fee NO YES
Good credit required NO YES
Collateral required NO YES
Personal guarantee NO YES

When banks refuse to help you they are also saying they are not interested in sharing the risk it take for you to be successful.

We understand that sometimes it is going to take support from someone other than your immediate friends and family. We are standing by to help and we are willing to use our funding solution program to help you succeed.

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