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Home Based Business Merchant Accounts

Explore new avenues and opportunities by using Home Based Business Merchant Account.
A merchant account designed for the smaller businesses that can be run from home is generally called a home based business merchant account. Traditionally, it can be difficult for small businesses with limited trading history to get a merchant account.

Genie Cash provides simple and easy to use Credit Card Processing Solutions to all home based businesses. We give you a more affordable and easier way to manage your payment transactions either through your computer or through credit card terminals.

Your Home Based Business Merchant Account helps you to explore new avenues and business opportunities when you are working from home. It also allows you to compete with larger companies by being ready to make the sale because like your competition you also will be able to accept credit cards when your customer is ready to make the purchase. You will not only sell your product but you will be building your customer base. Remember everything at the beginning stages of establishing your business is a cost. You have to be ready to capitalize on the opportunity when your customer is ready to acknowledge all your hard work by asking the question "do you take credit cards"?

Setting up your merchant account correctly
The type of merchant account you will have is called a home base business merchant account primarily because your business is or will be run out of your home. Now the method of accepting credit cards must be decided. How you decide to accept credit cards very often can be dictated by how you plan to do business. Lets explore what I mean here. You can take credit cards in through a variety of credit card terminals.

Choosing the right credit card terminal type
In this day and age there are many different brands of credit card terminals. In truth, almost all credit card machines at a basic level do the same thing. Yes some are newer, some can do tricks, some have bells and whistles but honestly and this is not meant as an insult to the wonderful creators of all the terminals on the market after the fluff of marketing when you get down to where the rubber meets the road all terminals that could be considered valuable for a home based business would allow merchants to enter a transaction either by swiping the credit card or by manually entering the credit card number into the terminal so the terminal can dial out to the bank that issued the credit to the consumer who is attempting to use the credit line associated with the card or card number that has been presented in order to make a purchase.

Two basic terminal types of terminal
You have two basic types of terminals that will work for the home based business. The traditional credit card machine, also known as, a point of sale credit card terminal is the terminal type that it is likely that you have seen used in a retail store anywhere with in the last 30 years.

Taking credit card transactions using a credit card terminal requires purchasing one of course unless you have one that can be used. Note: not all terminals are compatible with all processing companies. When purchased from the processor that is setting you up to take credit cards merchants will most often get a terminal that has been downloaded with the processors software. The processors software will allow you to take the credit card from your customer over the phone or in person. Those transactions will be held in your credit card terminal until you settle the terminal and send the transactions electronically to the processor in a process called batching out the terminal. (By the way, batching the terminal out, settling the terminal, reconciling the terminal, closing out the terminal all mean the same thing. So if you are shopping around and are hearing all these phrases thrown at you rest assured they mean the same thing)

When you batch out the terminal you are electronically sending the credit card processor the daily amount of credit card sales you have made. The processor then takes that information and generally within 48 business hours deposits that money into your business checking account.

Virtual terminal
Virtual terminals are called that because they are virtually just like the traditional point of sales credit card terminal I described above. Functionally, they are the same. The difference is that the Virtual terminals are software programs that are downloaded on your computer. The software packages allow your computer to virtually do the same job that a credit card terminal can do. The virtual terminal software programs are traditionally very easy to use as are the traditional point of sale credit card machines. Virtual terminals however can do everything that the traditional credit card machine can do and so much more. The Virtual terminal can also allow you to set up a shopping cart on your website and also provides the software functionality to allow you to accept credit card through your website if you need to.

The cost of credit terminals or Virtual terminals.
All traditional terminals like anything else you buy are competitively priced. Remember the people that are selling you the terminals make a living on what they sell. The prices should be competitive. There is a phrase that comes to mind "An educated consumer is the best customer". You can lease, purchase or use existing equipment if you have it

Note: Free terminals are not free to the companies that offer them so they won't really be free to you. Remember that cost has to be made up somewhere else because processors don't make the credit card terminals. Relatively speaking. Save a little here and make it up somewhere else as long as the pricing is transparent is great way to save on upfront and out of pocket costs.

Services like debit card or e-check processing can be added for enhancing the businesses ability to accept non cash forms of payment performance. To help you maximize your return on investment, be sure to explore all the options available to you. See products and services tab for more information. As a consultant for you we can work with you to select the most appropriate cost-effective products,services and equipment to suit your business needs.

Is home based merchant account, a right option for your business? If yes, then Genie Cash is the right choice for you. Our professionals at Genie Cash understand the challenges faced by small business owners and are trained to assess your specific needs and recommend the solution best suited for your business. We can provide customized solutions that will enhance your business growth. Along with mobile credit card processing terminal and wireless credit card processing equipment, we also offer telephone credit card processing and mail order credit card processing to cater to your unique needs.
Call us toll free at 866 626 2299, and we can help you get set-up within 24 hours!

What's Next
You have decided that you are ready to set up your home based merchant account you contact us regarding the same, fill out our short merchant application on line and we will contact you to review your options and get you set up in 24-48 hours after approval. We will take the time to explain the different aspects of home based merchant account and how it helps your business. After you have reviewed and signed your copy of the agreement drawn by us, you can fax the same merchant application to 866 626 2299 with a copy of your business license and a copy of your voided check for your bank account.

Your home based business merchant account application will be underwritten by our operations department within 24 hours. According to your requirement and as mentioned in your application, we will provide you with a credit card terminal or Virtual terminal .

We will then contact you and guide you on how to use your new home based merchant account. Click to apply: Home based business merchant account

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