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E-Commerce Accounts / Internet Merchants
Ecommerce merchant account services Is an Internet merchant account the same as a mail order merchant account? No, aside from the fact that this type of transaction falls under the card not present type of transaction, this type of merchant account is unique unto itself.

Internet merchant accounts have the same rates and fees as a mail order account but the equipment used to process credit card transactions is different.

An Internet account utilizes an online payment gateway like Authorize.net or A shopping cart application that is typically built into your website by the person who helped to design and develop your website.

One of the major differences between an mail order / telephone order merchant and an internet merchant is how the transaction is processed. Transactions where a typical mail order / telephone order account is set up uses a standard credit card terminal and the merchant keys in the credit card number.

Internet transactions do not require the typical everyday terminal you see in retail
stores, and internet transactions are usually done by the customer making the transaction online and there is usually no interaction with the merchant at all.

Are there contacts or cancellation fees on your mail order merchant accounts? Yes, all standard agreement fees apply. We believe in complete transparency. We won’t take a fee from one place and put it somewhere else and rename it. Feel free to ask for our pricing detail sheet.

Do you offer extended warranties on equipment for mail order / Telephone Order merchant accounts also known as MOTO accounts?

Yes, we do. With our merchant club program should your terminal malfunction in the course of normal usage we will send you another terminal overnight and an air bill to retrieve your terminal that is not working.

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Ecommerce merchant account services
Ready to move forward? What’s next?
You contact us and we walk you through filling out a simple on line application

While we are filling out the application we will take the time to explain the different aspects of processing credit cards and how they positively impact your business

Once we have each others questions we will send you a copy of the agreement for your review and signature

You review the merchant processing application and fax back to us your signed merchant application to 866 626 2299 with a copy of your business license and a copy of your voided check for your bank account

With in 24 hours your application will be underwritten by our operations department.

After approval and based on the decision you made during your application interview you will be sent a terminal or assigned a payment gateway.

We will contact you on how to use your new credit card processing system. It’s that simple.

Click to apply:Ecommerce merchant account services or call us at 866 383 6737 for more information on getting set up with in 24hours.
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