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Debt Collection Solution
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Debt Collection Solution Commercial Collection Agency services are specifically geared for business-to-business companies. If your company conducts business primarily with other companies, then we invite you to consider using our service.

We are not a collection agency. We are not debt collectors. We are providing a Debt collection solution. Genie Cash will provide cash to your debtors so they can pay you all or a portion of what they owe through a merchant account factoring program.
We advance money to merchants who accept Master Card and Visa credit cards. The money that they received will be paid back from future sales. The money that we have advanced them will automatically be deducted from future Master Card and Visa processing sales revenue at an agreed upon percentage of future sales and set fees.

In order to pre-qualify your debtor must:
  • Be in business for at least one year

  • Have no outstanding bankruptcy or judgments

  • Have at least one year left on their business lease

  • Process at least $2500 in Master Card and Visa processing

We will provide a business cash advance against the volume they process on a monthly basis of up to $250,000 per merchant location.

Keep more of your hard earned profits To assist you with any debt collection problems we have structured a cost a no fee program to the creditor. Imagine not having to give away 25%, 35% even 40% or more to collectors.

By working together to solve your debt collection concerns you save thousands of dollars every month. By using our services as an alternative to Commercial Collection Agencies, your company will have knowledgeable representation rather than relying only on a staff of inexperienced telephone collectors. 

By utilizing a Genie Cash business development manager you will have seasoned professionals, you can be confident that your business interests are in the hands of highly trained service providers that specialize in handling business-to-business strategies. We use their receivables to help them pay off debt. This is a particularly valuable option because many debtors are unable to go to traditional financing institutions like banks.

A proven fast funding Alternative can be your most cost effective solution and best back-office resource for keeping your past-due receivables current, and your delinquent accounts in a positive stage of recovery.  Wouldn’t you feel great about not having to write off debt or give away money that you are owed. Now you can let us work hard to accomplish your financial goals while protecting your good business name.

Let us help you protect your bottom line. Stop giving away your money. Allow us to be part of your business strategy on collecting the debt you are owed.

Genie Cash – Credit card factoring advantages:
  • You save thousands of dollars every month.

  • You use our Business Development Managers as part of your recovery process.

  • You don’t incur any additional cost to secure monies owed to you.

  • Our easy underwriting guidelines makes it easy for the debtor to get money.

  • We can pay you from proceeds directly before advancing cash to debtor.

  • Additional working capital given to debtor means they continue to grow and you don’t automatically alienate the customer.

  • Our process is fast your debtor gets money in typically 48 hours after approval.

By submitting your request for a quick phone consultation today, we can provide you with information about our debt collection solution that can provide you with this cost saving opportunity.

Our Pledge:
We will be both expeditious and professional in working to lowering your debt. Simply submit your request for contact from Genie Cash.  You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours. More about Debt Collection Solutions? Call us at 866-383-6737.

More about Debt Collection Solutions

Debt Collection Agencies are hired to solve one of the most exasperating problems business owners face: bad debt. Having delinquent customers who owe your company money winds up costing you more time, may damage your business’ relationships and can cause you to lose focus on making your business successful. Our Debt Collection Solution can relieve you of the worry of collecting from past-due customers while allowing your staff to focus on current and new business. Having an effective and alternative Debt Collection Solution is often a smart move for any business with distressed Account receivables.

Genie Cash specializes in providing an option for your debtors to make good on their past-due obligations. Unlike Debt Collection Agencies, we keep your companies reputation a top concern, while utilizing our alternative debt collection solution while providing your debtors a way to pay you and so you can keep your hard-earned cash flow.

We know you also want a No cost Debt Collection Solution that will retrieve your money quickly, since we’re well aware of how time considerations can be a major factor in successful business operation.

Save your relationship with you customer

While recovering bad debt business owners still have concern about losing customers. Future sales can be impacted by harsh collection methods. Just because customers are delinquent we know they are still very valuable to your bottom line. The pressure of damaging a business relationship adds to the dilemma. Debt Collection help can be just the answer in such a situation. With experienced Business Development Managers, who comprehensively understand how to explain our service from both the debtor and creditors perspective. We excel at providing a solution that will not only help you customer pay their debts but we also provide them working capital so they can stay afloat so they can continue to purchase from you.

Having the right referral relationship can pay off because you don’t give away your profits to collection agencies.

Our Debt Collection Solution will help your debtors to bring their account up to date in an ethical, and legal, manner. Timeliness is another key aspect that we take into consideration. We know that you are not a profession Debt Collection service. A business has to focus on producing good product and managing its own services, and not spend a lot of time worrying over debt.

Genie Cash will do the legwork for your business, provide merchant account factoring so they can pay you the debt as fast as possible. We can arrange it so that up to 50% of the amount advanced to debtor can be paid directly to you. Of course the amount paid directly to the creditor is determined by the amount owed. The benefit is that we aid you in collecting your debt and afford you the peace of mind to focus on growing and managing your business.

Debt Collection Assistance with Genie Cash is free. You simply provide:

  • The name of the business

  • The name of the contact person

  • The contact telephone number

  • The amount that the debtor owes

  • The amount you are attempting to collect.

  • The age of the debt owed

  • We do the rest.

What we tell your debtor

We explain to them that we work on your behalf to help them resolve an outstanding debt.

How we explain it to the debtor:

We contact the debtor and discuss our credit card factoring program. We inform them that we buy future Master Card and Visa sales for an agreed upon amount and provide cash in exchange for a portion of future sales revenue. The merchant agrees upfront to pay us back at a fixed cost for the money we provide to them.

We have a very high approval rate

Typically, 90% -95% of merchant who apply are approved. Qualifying for your merchant is easy

In order to pre-qualify your debtor must: Be in business for at least one year

Have no outstanding bankruptcy or judgments

Have at least one year left on their business lease

Process at least $2500 in Master Card and Visa processing

We will provide a business cash advance against the volume they process on a monthly basis of up to $250,000 per merchant location.

If you have would like our team to help you by providing our Genie Cash credit card factoring program as part of your debt collection solution or if you have any questions please email us at or call us at 866 383 6737. We look forward to working together and helping you obtain your money.

Ask about our referral bonus when you call us.
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