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Retail and Restaurant Business Cash Advance
Retail and Restaurant Business Cash Advance
Mail / Telephone Order Merchant Account
Merchant Cash Advance - Mail / Telephone Order Merchant Account
Wireless / Mobile Merchant Account
Merchant Cash Advance - Wireless / Mobile Merchant Account
Home Based Business Merchant Account
Merchant Cash Advance - Home Based Business Merchant Account
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Merchant Cash Advance - E-Commerce / Internet Merchant Account
Business Cash Advance
The Business Cash Advance Product has been around as a viable merchant funding alternative for many years. Many people looking for money to help there business grow are not sure if A small business cash advance is a product they can use. 

A Business Cash Advance, also known as a Merchant Cash Advance is specifically targeted to retail, restaurant and service industry merchants who currently accept minimally $5000 in Master Card and Visa sales from their customers every month.

A Business Cash Advance is:

Not A Small Business loan, or a personal loan of any kind
Not Start up capital program to start a business
Not for merchant who does not accept Master Card and Visa. See products and services for merchant processinng set up. 
Not a small business grant or a Government Grant Program

Now let’s review What A Business Cash Advance is

A Business Cash Advance is a financial services product that provides cash to merchants in exchange for a small portion of thier future master Card and Visa sales revenue. In short, we buy future Master Card and Visa credit card sales and provide cash to merchants that they can use immediately. For access to the money we provide merchants agree to pay back a fixed amount above the amount we advance to them.

To qualify for business cash advance factoring a merchant must:
Be a Retail, Restaurant or Service industry merchant
Already accept $5,000 a month in Master Card and Visa credit cards from their customers
Be in business for at least 1 year and have accepted credit cards for at least 5 months
Have no open Bankruptcies or Judgments, have minimum 1 year left on business lease
Turn your future credit card sales into cash that you can use now

Cash flow is always important to small to medium size businesses. 

What our merchant cash advance program does is give Merchants who accept Master Card and Visa access to cash that they can use now!  We look at passed Visa and Master Card sales history as an indication of A merchants future success and then we work hard to help the merchant by making it easy to get the cash they need. 
The Difference Between A Business Cash Advance and A Bank Loan

Did you know that most banks require a huge investment of time to even be considered for a small business loan. Over 60% -70% of those who apply are declined for a small business loan. 90% - 95% Merchants who apply are approved for a business cash advance.
The differences between A Business Cash Advance "also known as" credit card factoring program and a bank loan is that:
Getting approved is easier than getting approved for a small business loan
Two day approval versus 3 months before a bank decision is made
No restrictions on the money vs. banks require that you detail use of money 
Average pay back takes only 6 months, banks loans take 3 to 5 years to repay

Many merchants use the money in the following ways:
Increase inventory Business expansion
Working capital Advertising
Debt Consolidation    
We have great options for you to choose from. We will give you a FREE consultation, There is no commitment during our consultation. We welcome you to ask all the questions you have. In fact, once you fill out our application you will receive from the business development manager that contacts you a phamplet called "The Secret Revealed" A no non-sense guide to all the questions you should ask any cash advance company before you purchase a business cash advance.

Once you are ready to get your Business cash advance we will ask you for a little information and you will be on your way to getting your Genie Cash Business Cash Advance. Apply Now!!!
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Merchant Cash Advance Advantages:

Quick application - takes 3 minutes.
95% approval rate.
Approvals in 24 hours.
Cash wired directly to your bank in as little as 5 business days.
No application fees or hidden costs.
No fixed repayment schedule.
We match your current credit card rates no games, no gimmicks.
No collateral needed.
No personal liability.
High credit score is not required.
Typically, no financial or tax returns required.
Doesn’t show as a debt or loan on your credit report.
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Approval requirements for the Merchant Cash Advance:

  • You have been in your current business for at least one year.
  • Your business currently accepts Visa and MasterCard.
  • You process a minimum of $5,000 per month in Visa or MasterCard receipts.
  • You can provide 4 months of credit card processing statements.
  • You can provide 4 months of bank statements.
Not sure if you meet these requirements?

Click on How it works to learn about our genie cash business cash advance. We're ready to help you. Complete our no obligation online quick application and one of our business development managers will call and speak with you to determine how we can help or Call us Toll Free at 1-866-383-6737

Business Cash Advance, Merchant Cash Advance
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